Ryan Cramer

November 29, 2008

asmSelect v1.0.4

A new version of asmSelect has been released and is available at Google code.

asmSelect is a jQuery plugin providing progressive enhancement to select multiple form elements. It provides a simpler alternative with several advantages. This new version includes several bug fixes and enhancements.


Fixed issue that interfered with multiple asmSelects on the same page. This also solves an issue with dynamically rendered (ajax) asmSelects on 1 page.

Changed options so that “animate” and “highlight” now default to “false”. These are just a bit too slow on older computers, so I thought it would be better not to make them active defaults.

Added code that triggers a change() event on the original select multiple whenever a change is made on the asmSelect. This means that other bits of javascript don’t need to know about asmSelect if they happen to be monitoring the original select multiple for changes.

Added some additional logic for dealing with IE and determining whether a click preceded an item being added to the list. This was necessary because IE triggers change events when you are scrolling around in a select. Thankfully not an issue with other browsers.

Added “optionDisabledClass” in program options. This is a class assigned to

Added logic to detect Opera and force a redraw of the html list when original select is modified. Previously, opera would not draw the new list items… They were in the DOM, just not on Opera’s screen.

Updated documentation with note about the Firefox autocomplete issue, which can be a factor on some asmSelect implementations


Two new examples were added that demonstrate working with asmSelect from a developer perspective. The first example demonstrates how to capture live changes from an asmSelect. The second example demonstrates how to implement a “select all” functionality with asmSelect.