Ryan Cramer

August 22, 2014

Happy 2008 (or 2014?)

Sorry for all the dust and cobwebs

This site hasn’t been updated in awhile, and I’m a little embarrassed to invite you in. Something is amiss with the fonts (I’m not sure you can even read this), the template files haven’t been touched since 2008, and the design has clearly fallen apart. Though the engine (ProcessWire 1.0) is still purring along beautifully. If you browse around this place, think of it like jumping into the web from 5+ years ago, like you are browsing archive.org. Currently all my energy is going towards ProcessWire and my clients. I stopped taking on new client work a few years ago (to give more attention to the ones I already had, and to ProcessWire), so this site has largely been forgotten. But don’t worry, it will get a full re-do before long. But having seen new links [to this site] show up recently, I felt there needed to be some kind of disclaimer to explain the mess. Rather than browsing around here, head on over to: processwire.com.