Ryan Cramer

Ryan Cramer Design, LLC


Ryan Cramer specializes in the design and development of medium-to-large scale web sites and web applications through his company Ryan Cramer Design, LLC, located in Atlanta, GA. (See: Business Overview)

Ryan has been designing and developing online applications since 1990. Prior to wide adoption of the Internet, Ryan designed and developed applications for bulletin board systems (BBS), and ran Data Connection BBS for several years in the early 1990s. Data Connection BBS provided support for his applications like DataView. In addition, Data Connection BBS served as a major distribution point for the PC demo scene. During this time, Ryan was also involved in the demo scene as a musician for the U.S. demo group Renaissance.

In the mid 1990s, Ryan worked as a C++ programmer, developing online applications for various companies. In 1996, Ryan moved from BBSs to web sites, and has been designing and developing web sites consistently since that time. Prior to starting Ryan Cramer Design, LLC, he served as Senior New Media Designer at Grafik in Alexandria, VA, and then Director of New Media at CreativeBeast in Atlanta, GA. Ryan’s design work has been seen in How Magazine, Net Diver, Communication Arts, Digital Thread, and more.

Ryan started Ryan Cramer Design, LLC (RCD), because he felt that the highest quality results can be produced when design and development go together, rather than being split among different specialists. As someone that maintains expertise in both, he likes to bring his development knowledge to the design process, and his passion for good design to the development process. Ryan’s experience has been that this crossover leads to the best quality output for his clients, especially at the larger scale where such integration can also lead to significant cost savings.

Ryan’s expertise also emphasizes design for, and development of, content management systems (CMS), especially for medium-to-large scale implementations. He has developed custom CMS platforms since 2001 and actively develops and implements the ProcessWire content management framework. Ryan’s focus is geared towards web site standards compliance, and he develops primarily for the LAMP platform. His favorite development tools include VIM, PHP 5.x, and jQuery.

Random facts

  • Born 1974 in Minneapolis, MN
  • Currently residing in the city of Decatur, GA
  • Married to Karen Cramer, with daughter Hanna, and 3 cats
  • Graduated from JMU in 1999, with a BS in Media Arts & Design


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